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The Via Maris    the wilderness underneath

The Via Maris



The debut LP, THE WILDERNESS UNDERNEATH, features 11 songs written from within the context of a move back "home" after a coming of age "away". The songs are earnest and personal, but without self-importance or melodrama, and, hopefully, you'll find at least one stuck in your head for days.

Chad Sundin's song composition and production incorporate an intriguing palette of ideas and sounds, old and new. There are hints of folk, country, and pop in these recordings, but perhaps the best description can be found by looking backwards to the singer/songwriters of the 1970s. These are not quirky, flashy, hipster dittys. These are carefully crafted, subtly rich songs that transcend the current milieu of categories.

Almost unintentionally, the music of The Via Maris is, in the words of a local artist, "true Arizona music." Not in the pastel kokopelli or saguaro-in-the-sunset postcard sense, but because it mirrors the experience of many of us in these sprawling new cities built over top of this desert. But wherever you live, there's something in these songs for everyone who is willing to listen. So please do, and keep an ear out for more from The Via Maris for many years to come.

Lucky Guess
Another Kind of Failure
The Wilderness Underneath
Our Oldest Fight
Your Tired and Lonely One
Say a Good Thing
Shinig through Our Clothes